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     A.F.I. supplies a vast range of adhesive products for the automotive market, which cover a wide variety of needs.

Adhesive films are used for bonding decorative trim and kick panels to door panel cover stock.  The cover stock is usually PVC, PP, or TPO.  The decorative trim is usually Polyester Fabric and the kick panels may be carpet with acrylic or latex coating.

We supply adhesives for bonding heel pads (PVC or TPO) to carpet fibers (Nylon, PES, or PP).  Heel pads and carpet pads are dissimilar surfaces which are difficult to bond using any other adhesive.

We also offer Adhesives for bonding foam (seat cushion) to fabric or foam backed fabric.  Adhesive selection is driven by price, softness, breathability and heat resistence.  Some seat constructions include a layer of resilient wadding for added support.

Our films can also be used for bonding Sunshade panels for sunroofs.  We supply adhesives and seam sealing tapes for the waterproofing of seams in a convertible top.

Heel Pads

Headliners / Package Trays

Head Rests / Arm Rests

Filter Elements

Door Panel / Trim

Convertable Tops

n Roofs / Sun Shades