When we produce a new adhesive or adhesive blend, we assign an EXF series (experimental) number. When that product is sold on a regular basis, it is renamed with a new part number in one of our standard product series (EAF, NAF, PAF, TAF or UAF).

The EXF series of products includes the following:

New adhesives or adhesive blends extruded on release liner
Produced the same way as our standard series of products using a new or different combination of raw materials.

Custom extruded products
Adhesive coatings may be applied directly to a fabric or other substrate in place of release paper. Examples of a custom extruded product are adhesive coated fabrics, plastic films and nonwovens.

Custom laminated products
Adhesives that are produced on release paper can be heat laminated to fabrics, films, foils or nonwovens. We also produce pressure sensitive adhesive tapes (PSA series) and blotting paper. Pressure sensitive tape is used on fabric labels, emblems or appliqué for permanent attachment or temporary positioning prior to sewing. Blotting paper is used to remove excess adhesive residue (can be used with heat activated adhesive too) in the process of laminating adhesive to individual rolls or single items such as labels, emblems, appliqué or decorative trim.

Preview our PSA Series Guide to select the most appropriate adhesive for your bonding requirement. For the EXF series, please contact our technical staff to discuss your particular application and / or request samples.

Custom Adhesive Films
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