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     A.F.I. supplies a linerless adhesive film for bonding wire bundles to outer insulation. This prevents slippage, especially when cables are stressed or must be retracted repeatedly. The linerless adhesive is supplied as a free film in slit width rolls. The adhesive type is determined by the type of wire insulation to be bonded.

     How? The adhesive film is unwound from the roll and applied using the same winding process as the core wrap—the adhesive film is spiral wrapped around the wire or conductor bundle as it is braided. The insulative layer is extruded around the bundle.

     The heat of this extruded layer activates (melts) the adhesive and bonds the extruded insulation to the wire / conductor bundle. AFI provides adhesives for this application in both high and low melt temperature formulations for bonding to all types of insulation.

     A.F.I. provides dry film adhesives which eliminate the need to locate, dispense and dispose of excess liquid glues.
Our solid film adhesives are particularly useful where the delivery of a precise amount of adhesive is required, assuring you of just the right amount of adhesive where needed.

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     A.F.I.’s products for this application are utilized as bonding layers to construct holding fixtures for surface finishing of components. They are also used to temporarily position components during these cleaning and polishing operations. Since AFI adhesives are in film form, the consistency of the thickness of the glue line of the bonding layer is maintained—unlike a liquid adhesive that is more difficult to control.


     A.F.I. provides standard and flame retardant adhesives for multilayer assemblies in the construction of shielding / gasketing products and flame retardant film bonding applications.A typical application procedure would involve heat laminating or heat transferring the adhesive to foam or flame retardant film. The release liner is removed from the adhesive prior to final bonding. The adhesive coated film or foam is placed on the mating surface (e.g. steel or PCB) and heated under pressure to complete the bonding process.



     A.F.I. provides adhesives for bonding films and metalized film layers in membrane switch and flexible circuit construction. Rolls or sheets of adhesive are heat laminated or coated to a base film. AFI offers optional release liners depending on die cutting, sheeting or dust protection requirements.

     The adhesive coated film is placed (or located with registration holes previously die cut) on the mating surface to be bonded—usually a circuit / metalized film or another protective overlay film.

     The layers are heated under pressure to reactivate the pre-applied adhesive and bond the laminate together.