A.F.I. Polyethylene Adhesive Films are the most economical selection for sealing both porous and nonporous surfaces.  Our Polyethylene family of adhesives includes Ethylene Vinyl Acetates, Ethylene Acrylic Acids and Acid Terpolymers.

Apparel &Textile
Low melt points good for temporary positioning of fabrics before sewing; also for fabric / foam bonds

Interiors - foam / fabric bonding

Cabinetry & Furniture
Low cost adhesion to primer coated PVC

Composites & Laminates
Adhesion to metals and plastics - high flow into composite surfaces such as honeycomb cells

Adhesion to nonporous / metallized surfaces

     The EAF series is available in roll form on release paper, without release paper ("stripped"), or laminated to fabric, film or foil.  Use the EAF Series Specification Chart as a guide to select the most appropriate adhesive for your bonding requirement.

Please contact our technical staff to discuss your particular application and / or request samples.

Polyethylene Adhesive Films
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Fabrics: Polyester/Cotton; Cotton; Lycra; and Fiberglass.
Organics: Wood; Paper
Metals: Aluminum; Copper; Steel
Plastics: Polycarbonate; Polyethylene; Polypropylene

The EAF Series offers an excellent bond to fabrics, plastics & TPU foams.