Apparel & Textile
Heat or RF adhesion to fabrics and resistance to laundry

Temperature resistance and bond to fabrics, metals or plastics.

Cabinetry & Furniture
Adhesion to wood products

Composites & Laminates
Adhesion to metals and plastics

Adhesion to nonporous surfaces

     A.F.I. polyester adhesive films are versatile, high performance heat activated adhesives primarily used on fabrics, metals, plastics and wood.

     The PAF Series is available in roll form on Release Paper, without Release Paper ("Stripped"), or laminated to fabric, film or foil.

Preview our PAF Series Specification Chart as a guide to select the most appropriate adhesive for your bonding requirement.  Please contact our technical staff to discuss your particular application and / or request samples.

Polyester Adhesive Films

The PAF Series is available in several ways:

     In roll form on release paper

     In roll form, “Stripped” - without release paper

     Laminated to fabric, film or foil


     These products can be heat sealed in a range of temperatures based on their gauge or thickness.  A.F.I.’s standard gauges range from .0015” up to .007”.

If you require a non-standard thickness, A.F.I. is available to discuss your specific needs.

Another advantage offered by A.F.I. is the ability to color pigment your film for your specific needs.  Just ask us how we can help you achieve this!

Many films offered in today’s market cannot withstand a commercial laundry or commercial dry cleaning process, but at A.F.I. we have products within our PAF Series that will withstand these treatments.


What are the benefits of polyester adhesive films?

Polyester adhesive films are one of the most versatile high performance products for a variety of end-uses.  A.F.I.’s uniquely formulated films are engineered to exhibit a wide range of performance characteristics.

Understanding the Properties of our PAF Series
And Some of the Recommended Applications
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