A.F.I.'s Commitment to Quality Assurance

     Monitoring the melt flow index of raw materials.


     Using a Kofler Bench to determine the melt point of various adhesive films.

     Measuring the level of bond strength between an adhesive and substrate.

     Testing and measuring the level of moisture to ensure that the resin is suitable for our extrusion operation.

     Simulating a variety of testing requirements for your specific needs.

     Providing written test reports showing the compatibility between our adhesive films and your material.

     Performing hydrostatic testing of sealed seams.

     Testing sealed samples under specific environmental conditions.

     A.F.I. evaluates and monitors production with a variety of testing equipment to ensure that a 'Quality' product is delivered to you, time after time.

     Quality Control is a critical aspect in our manufacturing.  Some of our ongoing testing includes but is not limited to the following:

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