A.F.I. Assurance:

If we tested your product and recommended an adhesive or seam tape with application conditions,

It WILL work, or we will replace it!

Controlling quality is an important aspect of our manufacturing enviroment.
We evaluate and monitor materials and production processes along every step of the way using the following equipment:

Beta Gauging System - Provides real time thickness measurement during production.
Extrusion Plastometer - Confirms melt flow parameters are as specified.
Hydrostatic Tester - Tests sewn / sealed seam for waterproof qualities.
Kofler Bench - Measures the point at which an adhesive melts.
Moisture Analyzer - Determines moisture content of raw materials.
Peel Tester - Tests the bond strength of an adhesive to a surface or between surfaces.

We maintain full lot traceability and offer product certification.
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