Who is Adhesive Films, Inc.?

     Adhesive Films, Inc. is a manufacturer of heat activated adhesives in film form, supplied on rolls. Our products are used to bond fabric, foam, foil, plastic film, wood, metal and plastic. Our products are available with or without a peel-away liner.  No single adhesive can accommodate so many different bonding requirements. That’s why A.F.I. offers numerous heat-activated adhesives and seam tapes based on polyamide, polyester, polyolefin and polyurethane chemistries.

Proper sealing is accomplished in a matter of seconds!
     Every film that A.F.I. produces is unique in the attributes it possesses.  When considering an adhesive film for your application, various requirements come into play.  The selection of available films from A.F.I. is virtually limitless.  We can assist you by working closely with your production managers, buyers, engineers, and R&D personnel.  A.F.I. is here to help you solve your various production and manufacturing problems. All of our manufacturing processes use dry, SOLVENT FREE components.

We promote solvent free products to protect the environment, the health of your employees who work with our products, and the consumers who ultimately purchase your products.

     Did you know...A.F.I. offers films with the following attributes?  

     Abrasion Resistance
     Barrier Coating
     Chemical Resistance
     Color Pigmenting and Matching
     Cold Crack Resistance
     Heat Resistance
     Flame Resistance
     High or Low Melt Flow
     High or Low Melt Point
     Solvent Resistance
     UV Stability
     Washable & Dry Cleanable

     How do you use Adhesive Films products?

     Adhesive Films products are activated by using a combination of temperature, pressure, and time.

When your product needs to withstand the most extreme conditions...
                                                                                                                                    ...Adhesive Films, Inc. makes it extremely possible!!
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